Ten Thousand Makes Damn Near Perfect Pants

I am looking for the perfect pants. Well, not the perfect pants for you; the perfect pants for me. Let’s be real, there are no pants that are perfect for everyone. But maybe we overlap, you and I.

This is not a fashion magazine. When Perry Ferrell nasally sneered, “He doesn’t even understand fashion,” he was talking about me. So far as I can tell, fashion is a way to separate people from their money on a regular, rather than an infrequent, basis. Fashion has nothing to do with perfect pants. They just have to not look like Amazon pants that were cut out of trash bags by a toddler.

The perfect pants have enough pockets, but not too many. I posit that cargo pants are not perfect pants. Sometimes cargo pants can be perfect pants, but rarely. The perfect pants are understated and do not draw attention to the wearer. The perfect pants are made of natural fibers. The perfect pants … ahem, my perfect pants, I’ve come to discover, do not exist. I have, however, discovered a pair of nearly perfect pants: Ten Thousand’s Tactical Pants.

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Just Right

Ten Thousand’s Tactical Pants fit almost all of my criteria. Let’s start with the cut. They don’t look like trash bags, or balloon out like ridiculous “tablet-friendly” clothes designed to fit a full computer in your drawers. Maybe that’s a low bar, but look, these days, can the bar be too low? Ten Thousand’s pants are understated in the sense that they just look like, well, pants.

They have enough pockets, and they are roomy pockets, but there aren’t too many of them. Combined with a roomy (but not baggy cut), the main pockets are deep enough to hold my Fujifilm X70 camera, notebook, Earth’s best pencil, and my keys. On the side of the leg are two hidden pockets with zippers. That’s where I put my wallet, which is really just a binder clip to hold together my license, debit card, and cash.

Closeup of the details on the Ten Thousand Tactical Pants

Ten Thousand Tactical Pants.

Photograph: Ten Thousand


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