12 Best Mario Day Deals on Nintendo Switch Games and Accessories

March 10 is Mario Day, owing to the resemblance of “Mar 10” to the name of the world’s jumpiest plumber. It’s an occasion when Nintendo typically discounts games from the Mario universe, plus consoles and accessories. We’ve gathered up a list of the best deals below. Most of them will end by March 17, though some might sell out or expire a little earlier.

Updated March 11, 2024: We’ve added more clarity around Switch console deals and double-checked for accurate pricing.

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Console Deals

Nintendo Switch OLED

Photograph: Nintendo

At Amazon, be sure to use the correct corresponding coupon code, found directly beneath the price on the product page. GameStop and Target are also participating in this promotion. Discounts on the Nintendo Switch are rare, especially a sale that applies to all three models of the console. We think the Nintendo Switch OLED (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is worth the extra cost, and the Switch Lite (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is solid if you don’t mind being locked into handheld mode. The base Nintendo Switch is fine, but not great.

It’s rare to see an outright cash discount on the Nintendo Switch OLED (8/10, WIRED Recommends). This model features a 7-inch display, an improved kickstand, and 64 gigabytes of internal storage. Our Best Nintendo Switch Accessories guide has suggestions to help you trick out your new console.

Game Deals

screenshot of Mario Kart 8 with two characters racing

Courtesy of Nintendo

This game is a WIRED favorite. It’s fun for players of all ages, no matter how much Mario Kart they’ve played before. You can whip red shells and banana peels at up to seven opponents.

What could be more fun than beating your friends in minigames as you race to get the most stars? Doing it on new levels with fresh RNG elements. Up to four people can play at once locally. Online play is offered, too, for folks with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Read more about the service here.

This fun multiplayer game can double as a home workout. If you’ve ever wanted to obliterate Toad in a game of tennis, it’s your time to shine.

Luigi shining a bright light with a ghost dog Polterpup

Courtesy of Nintendo

Another WIRED favorite, Luigi’s Mansion is arguably the most fun you can have with a vacuum cleaner. There’s a fun couch co-op mode where a second player controls a spectral, gooey version of Luigi to help solve puzzles. And looting is fun! One or two players can game locally, and there’s an online version that supports up to eight.

This cozy platformer is like a puzzle-solving treasure hunt. You can beat stages alone or hand the controller to your couchmate for two-player co-op. We especially like Mellow mode, which makes gameplay just a bit easier and more relaxing.

This golf game supports up to four players. It features stylized courses and oodles of characters to play as—or against. Each character has their own special shot and special movement, plus a fun Battle Golf mode where the stakes are even higher.

Deals on Accessories, Toys, and More

nintendo switch online gift card

Photograph: Walmart

Typically, free trials of Nintendo Switch Online are a week-long, so this gets you an extra week. It’s not limited to new users either, so if you’ve had a trial membership before, this offer still applies. As the name suggests, this service allows you to play games online. Read more about Nintendo Switch Online in our Gaming Subscriptions guide.

This deal is part of a larger Samsung sale. If you don’t have a microSD card in your Switch, this is a solid deal on a large-capacity card. It’ll add a ton of space to your console and for less money than usual.

This basic controller doesn’t have rumble functions or some of the features that Pro controllers have, but the price is right, and it works just fine. It has a headphone jack and two programmable shortcut buttons on the back. Check out our Best Nintendo Switch Accessories guide for additional recommendations.

This Lego set includes a buildable course, plus Princess Peach, Lemmy, and Yellow Toad figurines. The Peach figure even has an LCD screen and a built-in speaker. You can pair the set with Lego Luigi and Mario to make a two-player game. Both sets are on sale for $48 as well, though they are discounted more frequently than the Peach set.


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